The Use of Spanish Flash Cards in Learning Simple Vocabulary Words

Spanish 6 Day CourseThe use of Spanish flash cards can be an easy and fun way to learn basic grammar and vocabulary. Most of you might think that the use of these teaching aids is only suitable for kids.

That is not exactly true. Spanish flash cards can also be a suitable way for adults to learn the Spanish language, particularly if he or she is only at the beginner's level and is just starting with simple words and basic vocabulary.

What are flash cards?

For those who are born in the high technology era and had not experienced using these teaching aids in the classrooms, flash cards are actually cardboard or paper cards that can be as small as a deck card or can be the size of four deck cards.

These cards can contain words, numbers or pictures and are more often used to teach kids to associate words with pictures and to learn numbers. They are "flashed" to the class who will then identify the figure, word or picture on the card, with answers written on the back part.

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Flash cards in Spanish language

There are actual flash card kits being sold that are designed to teach children simple Spanish vocabulary and grammar. These cards are usually picture cards since kids are more likely to learn new words when these words are associated with pictures.

Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, adults who wish to learn the Spanish language using a stress-free method can also use flash cards to do this; albeit, in a more sophisticated way.

A lot of online resources offer interactive flash cards complete with audio feature. Pictures on these online flash cards are, of course, more than mere sketches or drawings.

Instead of having someone flash the card at you, you can just use your computer mouse to move from one picture to another or find out the corresponding answer for each card. The answers are also often provided using audio to teach the correct pronunciation and intonation.

How effective are they?

As a teaching aid, flash cards are actually very effective. For children, learning words this way actually seems like a game so teachers are more likely to have success in holding their attention.

For adults, interactive Spanish flash cards, particularly those with audio and with great pictures, can be a lot of fun. It is actually a hassle-free method of learning the language and you might even find yourself chuckling when you provide the wrong answer or clapping with glee when you get the right one.