How to Choose the Best Learn Spanish Books

Spanish 6 Day CourseLooking for learn Spanish books? You would save a lot of time searching if you already know what you're supposed to be looking for and can save a lot of money if you're already familiar with what you need.

So, to guide you on how to choose the best and most suited learn Spanish books for you, here are some tips:

Simple conversation needs

Are you trying to learn because you will be spending your two-week vacation in a Spanish-speaking country and do not fancy the idea of not even knowing how to ask for directions?

If this is the reason, then books that teach simple sentences that tourists usually need is what you're looking for. One useful resource is "Spanish Phrases for Dummies," by Susana Wald.

This paperback can help you ask for directions on where to eat and shop in Spanish; have your money changed to local currency; be able to string words together for emergencies; and even talk about weather and sports – two topics that can help you have some new friends.

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Taking basic knowledge to a higher level

If you already knew some Spanish and would like to elevate your education to a higher level, then you can look in on "Intermediate Spanish for Dummies," by Gail Stein.

I know what you're thinking; another book for dummies! But hey, the first step to learning is admitting you need to learn, right? This one will teach you how to conjugate Spanish verbs, help you acquire basic Spanish writing skills, combine verbs and expand your Spanish vocabulary among others.

Practice for advanced learners

For advanced learners, the focus would likely be more on identifying and eliminating common grammatical mistakes, both in writing and in verbal communication.

The best way to polish the rough edges of your Spanish is to practice. One book that can help you with this is "The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice," by Ronni Gordon and David Stillman.

The book explains concepts of Spanish grammar in detail and provides sentence examples to illustrate the point. This resource is designed to build a person's confidence on his or her ability to speak Spanish. This is suited to those who converse with native Spanish speakers practically everyday.

There are thousands of learn Spanish books available and the three mentioned above are not necessarily the only ones you can (and should) use. Do your own research and find the best book that fits your learning level.